Each Offer/Invoice with its own formatting

Martin Huber

The possibility of selecting/setting the amount-formatting not only centrally in the settings, but also in each invoice or offer. So it could be selected and thus overwritten for particular Invoices or Offers.

Because if as a company in Europe, you have to have the possiblity to work with clients from different Countries.

Unfortunately in Switzerland and Liechtenstein the default Amount-formating looks like this:
Fr. 7'654'321.10
CHF Fr. 7'654'321.10

$ 1'000'000.00
(missed and requested in another feature request: features.plutio.com/b/feature-requests/amount-format-for-chf-swiss-francs-for-switzerland-and-liechtenstein/)

In Germany and Austria it looks like this:
7 654 321,12 € or this 7.654.321,12 €
$ 1 000 000,00 or $ 1.000.000,00

In order to meet the requirements of the individual countries and to be able to work with different clients at the same time, the basic setting is of little help.
Or we would have to change it every time. And then it would only be correct in the "fixed" PDF, but not for the client who is looking on the linked invoice/offer.

So, it have to be or would be much more usefull, flexible, secure and trustworthy to be able to select the formatting in the sidemenu-settings of an offer / invoice. Just like it is already possible with the currency.

So each offer/invoice has it's own formating-setting field to overwrite the global-setting.

Would be realy helpfull!