Invoice ID Parameters

Matt Atherton | purpleplanet

Would like to be able to set some more automatic parameters for invoice ID numbers.

My invoice IDs use this pattern:


So the first invoice for May 2021 will be:


Would be great if we can use parameters to set this, so I don't have to manually amend the values on the last day of each month.


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Mikael Spetz

It would also be great to have the option of adding invoice specific prefix and suffix for individual invoices so I can set up rules in my accounting program if needed to go to different accounts under sales.


This cannot be standard. Nordic law saids that invoice nr has to follow a linear sequence and we are not allowed to do as above in sweden.


Benjie Wilhelm

Or for that matter the ability to set custom invoice ID's.

So that I could use the acronym I use for each client throughout the Plutio system. For example if the client is "Hamburger Shop" their invoices are HAM-###

(This is a Stripe default tool and should be easy to implement alongside this)


Leo Bassam

Status changed to: Planned